3D shapes for Junior Primary

It has been well researched that students require a range of hands on, visual, auditory and multi-sensory learning expereinces in order to grasp concepts across all curriciulum areas. Today I came acrss a great online and free  activity created by Starfall called 2D/3D shapes. Students are required to identify and drag 2D or 3D shapes to match images from the environment. If students get the answer correct, an audio recording names that shape and on completion of the activity a song is played. There are also additional interactive time and addition games.
Source: Di Astin (St Aloysius College)










I have also embedded my favourite 3D shape rap from YouTube. This clip assist student to visualise shapes and remember names of shapes by singing along to the rap. With my Year 3 class we also incorporated dance so that students could move and make the 3D shapes with their bodies.


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