Looking for Jan 2013 Holiday Professional Development Training?

Inter-tech Education are offering 2 new sessions during the January 2013 school holidays. Please note: New sessions and new location!









Professional Development Title 1: How to create your own website with user friendly tools!
Date: 18th January 2013, 9:00-3:30
Descriptor: Throughout this day you will learn how to create your own website using a free educational web platform. Basic computing skills are essential, however prior knowledge of website creation is not expected. Why would you want to create your own website? For many reasons, here are a few; (1) Your website can function as a class bog (information for parents/students); (2) Your website can store your teaching program online for student access 24/7 or to flip your classroom ;(3)To create digital portfolios for your students; (4)To be able to teach your students how to create a website for assignments.Here are a few examples:
An 11 year olds’ SOSE assignment
My Spelling Program
My Class Blog (work in progress)

Professional Development Title 2: Go back to Interactivity, with SMART Notebook software
Date: 21st January 2013, 9:00-3:30
Descriptor: Are you using your SMARTboard like a data projector? Looking for more interactivity? With the recent rate of production of new computer technologies and the filtration and integration of computer technologies has been phenomenal. However, this rapid pace of educational technology often causes confusion about what we should be doing as teachers. Sometimes we try to take on too much, which often results in teachers using technology mainly to give lessons a fresh look, often the interactive pedagogy is pushed aside especially when using our SMARTboards. This session will explore basic SMART Notebook 11 tools in order to bring interactivity back into your lessons. The same tools can be applied across most curriculum areas and year levels.

Cost: $150 per person per day (includes morning tea/lunch)
Location: Athelstone, South Australia
To Register and arrange payment contact Jo Villis via email at jvillis@inter-tech.com.au .All participants will receive a training and development certificate to acknowledge their hours of training.

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