Australia Day 2013 Free Teacher Resources

I used SMART Notebook software to create the two resources below. You can view the video, download the Notebook document (if you have SMART Notebook software) or download SMART interactive viewer for free and then view the document. All I ask is that you acknowledge your source and that the resources are not uploaded onto any other website without my permission. If you are a creative user of another interactive whiteboard software (ie Promethium, 2 Touch, Star Board etc) you are welcome to adapt the resource using your own software. Sharing is caring, as James Hollis says.





Australia Day Resources Online:

Sparkle Box Resources for K-3 (this is a fantastic free site for teachers). If you download the original documents from Sparkle Box they will allow you to use your camera tool in SMART Notebook software in order to capture images to create your own interactive activities.
Australia Day Fact Sheets (Upper Primary- Secondary)
Australia Day Quiz (Upper Primary – Secondary) Blogged by Selena 2012
Australian Cross Offs (Upper Primary- Secondary): A giraffe bouncing a basketball? Blogged by Selena 2012
Lenny Loosejocks Australia Day Blast (Primary) Blogged by Selena 2012
William Bligh’s Notebook (Upper Primary- Secondary)

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