Persuasive Text Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Same Love

Looking for an innovative way to engage secondary students when teaching persuasive texts? Listen to, and watch the video below as a class, invite students to discuss the issues presented in the video/lyrics in groups, invite them to create a list of issues both for and against gay rights. You may even link this resource to history and investigate human rights over time. You could use time toast to create an interactive  time line on human rights. You can also  browse other people’s interactive time lines before creating a free account. Just an idea.

Question ideas for students:

  1. When I was in the third grade I thought….
  2. Stereotypes, what are they? How do we respond to them? How are they portrayed in the media?
  3. When have your thoughts been different from those of others?
  4. What does it mean to belong to a minority group? Have you ever been the minority in a group? If so how did this make you feel, if not how do you think it might make you feel?
  5. The lyrics say, “I can’t change, even if I tried”. Is there something unique about you? Is there something that you feel you couldn’t change? Is there something that you feel you might like to change?
  6. What messages you think the artists are trying to portray? Why do you think this (ie lyrics, visuals)?
  7. The lyrics mention YouTube comments? How do you think this type of media influences people’s opinions? Is the information on YouTube accurate, credible?
  8. The lyrics refer to a ‘culture not accepted’. Do you know of any other cultures throughout history which have not been accepted, maybe cultures which have fought for acceptance?
  9. What about hate? How would you describe hate? Has hate caused any conflict throughout history?
  10. What do human rights mean to you? What rights do you have? Do you have the same rights as others?
  11. What do you think it means when they sing, “Everyone else is more comfortable being voiceless rather than fighting for humans who have their rights stolen”? How can you make a difference? How can you voice your opinion on issues which are important to you?

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