Teaching Websites: Free Primary Resources





Teaching Websites is a series of free educational websites created by Mark Warner. The sites include Teaching Ideas, Teaching Ideas Library, Teaching Events,Teaching News, Teaching Photos, Teaching Videos and Teaching Appz. There are three sites which I particularly like. The first is Teaching Ideas which has thousands of free lessons, activities and display resources. The math display resources (downloadable PDFs) are great for students’ understanding about the language or math. For example, you can download an addition poster which displays the symbol and associated words (ie plus, more, increase, total, sum, altogether) or angles posters which explain angles visually.

The second Teaching Ideas site which I like is Teaching News. This site aims to share the latest news, links and teaching ideas, in order to support teachers around the world. The articles are short but informative, exactly what ‘busy’ teachers need. The third site which I particularly like is called Teaching Appz. Teaching Appz is a place to find apps for different mobile devices and other platforms (iOS, Android, Playbook and web) that can be used in the classroom. Each app is presented with an image thumbnail, device suitability, price, age range suitability and a brief description. You can browse by subject, age range or device type. However, the majority of apps aren’t free. The majority cost between $1.00 and $2.00.

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