Darren Carstens’ apps and online activity prototypes

Daren Carstens founded Carstens Studios Inc., where he authors, designs, programs illustrates, and develops educational products for children. He has worked in K-12 educational publishing for over 20 years and had created some awesome maths apps and online activity prototypes. For those of you who don’t have iPads at school but you have interactive smartboards, you can access Daren Carsten’s online activity prototypes for free. There are seven visually challenging tasks to explore. If you have iPads at school, I highly recommend that you explore the apps below.

MathDoodles ($2.99) introduces three challenges (Sums Stacker, Connect Sums and Unknown Square) and students can play each game in three different modes (solve, infinity and race) which caters for varying levels of ability.

Symmetry Shuffle ($1.99)  is a maths app which allows students to explore symmetry. You can challenge students to complete the puzzles in the fewest moves or in the shortest time.

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