Using your iPad and PC together and interactively!

1. Displaying and interacting with your PC on your iPad
You can download Splashtop2 (free) onto your PC and then purchase the splashtop2 app for $0.99. This will then display your PC onto your iPad. It also allows you full functionality on your iPad. For example, you can open and edit Microsoft and you can access and interact with YouTube.

2. Displaying and interacting with your iPad on your PC
You can download AirServer onto your PC. There is a free 7 day trail offer and then a reasonable fee if you choose to purchase a license (I have). This will then wirelessly project (providing you have wifi) the screen of your iPad (and other devices) onto your PC. Below is a 2 minute video on how it works:


  1. Hi Jo,
    When you download AirServer, do you need to connect to the internet at all on your iPad or Computer to get it running? Also, are there any settings on your iPad that need to be on to connect it to your laptop (i.e. bluetooth or Wifi etc). One last question, how do I connect my apple Ipad to my windows laptop? Thanks =)

    • Hi Carly, I’m not sure I know all the answers to your questions. I know that you need Wifi in order for AirServer to work. To connect your iPad to windows laptop download AirServer free 7 day trial on your lap top and follow instructions. Once on your lap top, turn on your iPad, go to your home row and AirServer will appear between the fast forward and volume option. You then need to select mirror mode and iPad. To display your iPad on you laptop in full screen double click on your laptop screen. However, when I was a Fisk Street Primary last week we noticed that if your laptop is connected to a smartboard via a VGA cable there is an image and sound delay. But, if you connect to a projector via HDMI cable it works perfectly! Most new projectors should have a HDMI outlet. However, older smarboards won’t. Only way around this that I can work out is to purchase a VGA to HDMI cable ($5.23) but I haven’t tried it yet so i don’t know if it will work. You may need a VGA to HDMI Converter ($85.00) ? I’ll try the cheaper option first and get back to you.

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