3rd Grade Reading Comprehension iPad app



3rd Grade Reading Comprehension ($1.99): This app has 100 short stories . The stories are categorised under 7 reading groups.




Here is an example of one story from group 1:
“My name is Jerry and I am a frog catcher! I started catching frogs when I was 7 years old. One day I was in the park and I saw something jumping in the grass. I ran over to see what is was and found a big frog. I grabbed it and brought it home. I built a big box and put the frog in it. After I watched it for an hour I brought it back to the park. I try to catch two frogs every Saturday”.
1. What is my name? a) Jeremy b) Johny c) Jenny d) Jerry
2. What did I find? a) a dog b) a frog c) a turtle d) a rock
3. How long did I watch the frog for? a) two hours b) three hours c) an hour d) one day
The app also keeps a record of each groups’ score.

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