Grammar Wonderland iPad app

Grammar Wonderland (Primary) and Grammar Wonderland (Elementary) allow students to fly, swim, feed, and toss their way to grammar mastery. Students sign in by entering their name and chose a badge. They can then explore worlds or practice their skills.

At the moment you can download the apps for free . You have access to parts of each world and two practice skills. A full version of Grammar Wonderland (Elementary) costs $2.99 but you can’t get the full Primary version yet.  Students can:
a) Choose a skill: nouns, verbs or adjectives
b) Choose a level: easy, medium, hard or expert
c) Choose a game: For example, common nouns, proper nouns, concrete nouns, abstract nouns, singular nouns, plural nouns, common nouns etc.

I like the games because they use multiple gestures including tilting and swiping. I bought the full version of Grammar Wonderland Elementary.
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