Water slide Math: Free online resource

Water slide math was created by the BBC. Students can play water slide addition for free online, which requires them to repair the broken water slide by dragging two pieces into each gap. Each pair of numbers needs to add up to 20. Water slide subtraction requires students to repair the slide by cutting pieces of pipe to the right size.

Toontastic (for iPad) or Recorder functions for (SMART users) : Imaginative play, creative learning and 21st century skills

iPAD RESOURCE: TOONTASTIC Toontastic is a free storytelling and creative learning tool which enables students to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons with friends and family around the world through simple and fun imaginative play! Below is a video demonstration.   SMART Notebook Resources: If you don’t have an iPad but you do have SMART Notebook software you may like to explore the page recording function or the SMART […]

4 player iPad apps: Math Slide

Math Slide offers a range of apps for up to 4 players on the  iPad. Players can select a  game  (depending on their ability level), select the number of players and a target appears in the centre of the iPad. The player who drags the correct answer into the middle of the iPad the fastest gains a point. You can download each app for free and play each game twice […]

Harvey’s Home Page: For SMART Notebook users

Harvey is a retired K-12 mathematics curriculum supervisor and instructional technology supervisor based in the US and Canada. On Havey’s Home Page you will find links to math subject areas and free interactive notebooks to download. I particularly like the number sense Notebook document called ‘Fill the egg carton’. The Notebook documents are designed to be interactive activities, not complete units of work.

Little Monkey Apps: Free Times Tables

Little Monkey Apps are great, they all have links to the  Australian, US, UK and NZ  Curriculum but they cost about $2.00. Personally I think they are well worth the  money  but if you are looking for something free, the Little Monkey Times Table iPad app is currently free. Download it and then visit The Little Monkey Apps Site .

Free Story Time Online

Storyline Online is a great website for teachers and students. You can choose a story (ie The Tooth, The Rainbow Fish, Harry the Dirty Dog) and listen to someone read the story for you via a video. The stories also come with activity ideas.

Math Splat: Online, iPad and SMART Notebook Resources

FREE ONLINE: Splat Square (1-100) or Splat Square (0-99) are free online resources which enable you and your students to explore number through your interactive whiteboard. These online resources give you a hundred’s chart which you can ‘splat’ (select) numbers by touching them in order to explore elements of number (ie repeating patterns, even/off numbers,  multiplication, prime numbers).                   Math Splat $1.00 […]

Graphic organisers: iPad and SMART Notebook resources

I’ve recently discovered another app ($1.00) called Tools4Students. There are 25 tools to choose from. If you are familiar with graphic organizers, most of them will be familiar to you. Some of the tools include cause/effect, compare/contrast, pro/con, fact/opinion,KWLW, making predictions, problem/solution, sequencing events, summarizing and timelines. Students can select a tool, edit the tool and then share via email or dropbox or save their work as a png or […]