Nearpod: Create and share interactive multimedia presentations for free

Nearpod allows users to create multimedia presentations or upload an existing presentation if saved as a PDF. Nearpod can be a powerful tool because it allows you to add interactivity to your presentations. Nearpod will allow you to create online polls, questions/answers, quizzes and video within your presentations. It even has a ‘draw it’ feature and it has a neat drag and drop interface.

Once teachers have created their multimedia presentation, Nearpod allows teachers to share content with students using their iPad or iPod and control class activity through their own teaching device at the same time. You can even share content with students using any web browser (PC/Mac). To share content, students need to have the Nearpod app installed on their device or log into Nearpod online and then enter the pin for the presentation.

At the moment you can sign up for free and receive a silver account membership. Below is a demonstration of how it works.

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