Technology, is it being used in schools?

In the video below, Paul Hamilton creatively addresses technology in education. Many schools have invested a lot of money in technology but have they invested the same amount in professional training and development for teachers? Giving a teacher a new device doesn’t  show the teacher how to use the technology in an engaging and collaborative way. Just like students, teachers need the opportunity and time to explore and become creative with new technologies.

If you are looking for training in the integration of technologies in education, I am offering training session  during the Term 2 school holidays. One session looks at the use of iPads in education and the other session looks at free WEB 2 tools.  I am finding that many teachers are having to pay for training themselves, therefore,  I have kept registration fees low in order for the sessions to be affordable for teachers. The rate is $75 for the half day sessions or $160 for a full day sessions.

If you don’t live in SA,  IWBNet offer a range of conferences which you may be interested in.

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