Spreaker DJ: Mix, record and broadcast radio and podcasts for FREE

The Spreaker DJ iPad app allows you to mix your voice with your iTunes music library and sound effects, to create your own personal radio shows or podcasts. Spreaker has been out since 2010, but only recently has the iPad app been released. Before you begin you will need to create a free account at Spreaker.com, which gives you a 30 minute maximum for each recording and 10 hours of free storage online.If you don’t have an iPad simply use Spreaker online.







Spreaker can be used across the curriculum. When I teach fables, I usually record students reading their fables using Audacity, which free, cross platform software for recoding and editing sounds and then I upload the recordings to our class blog. However, this year I will experiment with Spreaker DJ. I asked my son to have a go and reluctantly he did (I was interrupting his Mine Craft game, so it was a one only recording effort).

So how does it work? Well, Wesley Fryer recently uploaded a video tutorial on YouTube with I have embedded below.

Source: Wesley Fryer

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