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I created a weebly site called ‘Teaching Digital Citizenship’ a while ago, so I thought it might be time to share it. As educators, many of us have watched multiple videos which tell us how many hours students are spending on the internet, how many students are using social networking sites, how our students are multi-taskers and how we need to cater for our ‘digital natives’ (if you like that terminology). However, I really think it is time that we start to focus on how we can support our students to become authentic digital citizens.

I also wanted to create a site that is user friendly and puts copy right and creative commons in an easy to understand context. I also wanted to provide teachers with free online resources to help them to teach students about what it means to be an ‘authentic digital citizen. If you like the site or would like to suggest an additional resources, you can post a comment on the feedback or ideas page.


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I just recently started following your blog, so I had not seen this before. I will definitely be coming back to this as I prepare and work through next school year.

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