Creating comics with iPads, tablets and online resources

There are some great apps and online resources to use with students in order form them to create comic style pieces of writing. Students can use iPad app Halftone ($0.99) to upload one image (or take a new image) and then turn it into a cartoon style image. They  can select the layout, paper style, add speech/thinking bubbles, add stamps and then save their image to photos. A similar Android app is called Comics Camera which is free.

Another iPad app that students can use is called  Photo Comic which is currently free (soon it will cost $0.99). However, this app allows students create a comic using a range of frames. They can select 1 to 5 frames to work with and select from a range of layouts. I created the comic strip below on my flight back from Sydney (click image to enlarge).

comicComic Editor for Android looks similar and it only costs $1.61. Please note, I haven’t downloaded Comic Editor so I don’t know its full functionality (just what I know from the video demonstration).


Richard Byrne blogged a great article called ’10 ways to create comics online’ in December 2010. Here is the link to a great list of online resources that Richard recommends.

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