Toontastic Jr. Pirates: Free iPad app for a limited time

Launchpad Toys, the creators of the original Toontastic free ipad app, have released the Toontastic Jr app for free for a limited time. The original Toontastic app has been modified to cater for a younger audience. Below is a comparison:
– Toontastic Jr has 3 narrative stages instead of 5
– Rather then selecting the scenes and characters at the beginning, Toontastic Jr simply requires students to select a beginning, middle and ending. The characters are matched to the different scenes.
– Toontastic Jr will then begin the scene for students and then students are asked to continue the scene.
– As with the original Toontastic, Toontastic Jr still allows students to record movement, voices and select music to enhance the mood.
Download this app soon, otherwise it will cost $1.99 to download.
Not available in Google Play

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