Good Game Spawn Point: ABC3 Free TV

Hosted by the ABC, Good Game Spawn Point is a TV show for young gamers. Gaming is a part of our youth’s world, it is what they enjoy and what they like to do. The program hosted by Hex (Stephanie Bendixsen), Bajo (Steven O’Donnell) and a robot called Darren (Data Analysing Robot for the Ruthless Extermination of Noobs) find new games and review them. All games are rated PG or G. On the website students are able to watch all episodes and participate in the online forum. In order to contribute, students are required to create a log in which does require entering their age and email address. However, the site promotes online safety and is regulated by the ABC Network.

The next time you are wanting to program learning experiences for students in order to identify the point of view in a text and suggest alternative points of view, why not use an episode from GG Spawn Point? Or, you may be planning for students to write an informative or persuasive text, why not invite students to create a text based on their idea of the ultimate game?

Source: Mark Richardson, Library Systems Officer, Campbelltown Library

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