Math Bingo app and online resource

math bingoThe Math Bingo app created by Joe Scrivens is a multi-player math app with a little twist. To play the game a number sentence appears in the middle of the iPad and students have 5 seconds to calculate and select the correct answer. Multiple players can select the correct answer as long as they do so within the 5 second time limit. The player who clears their bingo cards first is the winner. This app adopts the true ‘bingo’ theme because not every time a number sentence appears do players have a correct answer.  Students can select the number operation and the mode (easy, medium or hard) that they would like to play. This app isn’t free, it costs approximately AU $1.00 for iPad . I couldn’t find the app in Google play. Joe does have some of his apps available for Android so it may becoming soon. also offer a similar online version for teachers who don’t have tablet devices. You can select an operation and a level and then play the game through your interactive whiteboard. The games is great with annoying music that students actually like. I think it adds to the game based atmosphere.

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