iPad and Android Apps by Joe Scrivens

I have been aware of the work of Joe Scrivens for many years. As an advanced user and advocate for SMART board technology, Joe Scrivens has provided and coordinated the publications of many SMART Notebook and SMART Table documents. Through internet searching, I have discovered that Joe has also created many iPad and Android Apps. I have played with several of his apps and from my opinion, Joe is creating interactive, multi-touch and multi-player apps.

jellybeanI recently blogged Joe’s Math Bingo iPad app. Another iPad app that Joe created (recommended for Kindergarten teachers) is called Jelly Bean Count. When students play this game a number of different coloured jelly beans appear in the middle. Students then have to count the number of green jelly beans and place the corresponding number of fingers on the green paint. They then repeat this for the other colours. This app isn’t currently available for Android at the moment. Most of Joe’s apps for iPad cost approximately $1.00, with the exception a few free ones.

For Android users, go to Google Play and search Joe Scrivens.  One of his free Android Apps is Bubble Beautiful and the iPad equivalent is Balloon Pops ($0.99). This app has been used with students with autism. Below is a video example:

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