Studyladder: Free online resource update and most resources work on tablets

Studyladder is a free educational resource for teachers and students. However, students only have free access to three activities per night out of school hours. During Australia’s National Literacy and Numeracy Week that started on theĀ  29th July 2013, Studyladder is providing everyone with free Literacy and Numeracy activities until the 6th August 2013. Studyladder is used by over 80,000 teachers and is aligned with the Australian curriculum for Mathematics and Literacy. If you are from a country other than Australia, Studyladder also aligns their resources with Canada, UK, US and NZ standards. From the best of my knowledge, it is free for teachers in all of these countries. If you haven’t had a chance yet to check it out, now is a good time to explore it with your students. Studyladder also provide a letter that you can use in order to communicate the use of their site with students and families. You can download the letter below:

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