Science Experiments: Free resources

I have used Steve Spangler’s Science website for several years. On the website, you can find simple science experiments that you can investigate with your class. Each experiment has an image, a list of material, a short instruction section and some even have videos. Below is an example called ‘Dancing Spaghetti’.

Searching is made easy through the use of a category section. I’ve used ‘Elephant’s toothpaste’‘Exploding Sandwich’ and ‘Colour Changing Milk’ with my class previously (just to name a few). There are also several experiments that you can do with Mentos. Do you remember the diet coke and Mentos experiment that was filmed years 6 ago?

Another great resource is The Science House Foundation which is an organisation that provides free science resources for educational purposes. They have on online bank of videos showing a range of scientific experiments ranging from ‘Green Plastic’ to ‘3D Modelling’. Even if you don’t intend to conduct the experiments with your class, students are amazed just by watching.

Science houseIf you have iPads, you can download their Video Science app for free. They don’t have an Android app. However, I found Science Friday app on Google Play for Android users, which looks similar.


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