Popplet Lite: Free App

poppletPopplet Lite is my favourite free concept mapping app. I’ve tried iBrainstorm, Inkflow, Idea sketch, Inspiration Lite, iMindMap HD, Mindomo, SimpleMind+ and Total Recall. I find Popplet Lite to be the most user friendly app of them all. To create a bubble, double tap on your iPad. You can then draw,  type, insert an existing photo or take a photo directly into the bubble. The free version is limited to one popplet but you can simply save your popplet as a jpeg in your Photos, delete the popplet you just created and then start again. I connect my iPad to my interactive TV/smartboard and use this app with the class. The upgrade costs $5.49 but as I am using it as a teaching tool for the whole class, I don’t see the need to upgrade at this stage.

Richard Byrne also recommends Popplet but in addition he likes BigMind. Here is a link to his blog ‘BigMing- An Intuitive Mind Mapping iPad App‘.

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