Free: TALK iPad List Summary Collated for Speech Pathology

“Talk Speech Pathology began in 2000 with 4 colleagues and a vision for creating specialist children’s speech pathology services working together with the education system. The 4 founding directors of TALK could see that the public school system was overloaded. As their own families grew, they created a business that works to help all families access professional and caring speech pathology services, training and resources” ( About Talk).  They have recently released a comprehensive iPad apps list that was developed over the first 2 years of TALK. This list is divided into categories (e.g. literacy, phonological awareness, vocabulary, auditory skills etc) to hopefully help you find what you might be looking for. Here is the link to follow so that you can download the resource for FREE.

Source: Larissa Caudle, Special Education Teacher, St Aloysius College

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