Creating a screen capture and inserting into Word or PowerPoint: What I didn’t know…

After reading Richard Byrne’s blog onĀ Tools for creating screen capture images and video I was prompted to blog something that I must admit, I have only recently discovered. My discovery isn’t ‘rocket science’ but I am guessing that if I didn’t know about it then there may also be other teachers who don’t know about it. Well, the ‘it’ that I am referring to is how to create screen captures and insert them into a Word document or a Power Point document. Previous to my discovery (I call it that because when I found it I was so impressed with it’s functionality), I used the snipping tool which can be found in your accessories menu or I saved an image from the web and then inserted it into a Word document of Power Point.

Guess what! You don’t have to do either. Below is a 1 minute video showing you how to create a screen capture within a Word document or a Power Point using the tools within each program. My students are also thankful that I have showed them how to use it!

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