We are now on Pinterest too!

pinPinterest is a form of social media and a tool for collecting and organsing things that you find and like on the Internet. I have tried other forms of social media such as twitter, but I found myself regularly checking my tweets which caused distractions with my work and study. Twitter is great, but is isn’t for me.

I recently attended a conference and I attended a Pinterest session in order to gain further incite and clarification about the potentials of Pinterest for education. I discovered that Pinterest is a great online resource for teachers because many teachers pin articles or ideas that they find relevant to education on the web. However, I also discovered that many Pinners (Pinterest authors) integrate other elements such as recipes, craft and personal interests/hobbies.

I have joined Pinterest and  created multiple boards that contain nothing but technology, online links and apps for both Android and iPad teachers. I have not included any of my personal interests throughout my boards, therefore reducing the search time for educational resources. Feel free to visit my Pinterest page at http://www.pinterest.com/joannevillis/ .

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  1. I think I know excactly what you mean… entering Twitter sometimes feels like entering an endless maze of possibilities = distractions 🙂

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