Word Cloud Generators: Tagxedo and Tag Cloud

TagxedoWord Cloud Generators enable users to insert text into a box and then the generator creates a word cloud based on the frequency of which the words appear in the text. Words that are used the most are represented in larger and bolder font. The generators also allows users to change the colour/font of the text and the shape of the word cloud. My favourite online word cloud generator is Tagxedo. Recently, Hardy Leung has created a presentation which anyone can access called ‘101 Ways to Use Tagxedo‘.

Tag CloudFor those who have iPads there is a fantastic app which creates beautiful words clouds called TagCloud. The app costs $0.99 so I recommend that you visit Tagxedo online first for free and then if you like its functionality, download TagCloud. Please note, not available for Android.

Source: Jacinta Astachnowicz

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