Free Language Apps for iPad and Android

languITALIAN: The Molto Bene app provides over 40 interactive lessons. It is available for Android and for iPad. Furthermore, this app works offline too, since all the data and audio are contained in the app. You can also download the Italian English Dictionary app for both Android and iPad. Another free app is Learn Italian Free which is available for iPad only.

CHINESE: The Monkey Write app is available for Android only. This app is designed for learning basic Chinese characters and practicing stroke order and accuracy when writing them. Learn Chinese Free is another free app but this app is available for iPad only. This app allows users to study and test Chinese vocabulary categorised by topics. Another app which only available for iPad is Easy Chinese Writing. Please note that this app costs $1.99 but you can view a video demonstration before purchasing the app. There is a free Chinese writing app called Chinese Writer which is available for iPad. This app is an interactive tutorial tool that shows how to write 25 simplified Chinese characters. I did find one Chinese Writer app for Android which is free but I have not tried it.

SPANISH: TheĀ  Learn Spanish for Kids app is available for iPad only. This app reinforces basic Spanish vocabulary. There is an app called Learn Spanish with Spanish Smash which is available for Android and iPad. The links are the lite version which is free but the paid version costs $2.99.

MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: The Google Translate app is free for both Android and for iPad. Translated words are provided with a dictionary definition and an option to hear the word in the selected language. The Duolingo app is free for both Android and iPad. This app helps users learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Another multi-language app is Wordzine, available for iPad but it costs $0.99. This app uses picture and word association to teach Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian and Chinese. There are 12 themes some of which include school, super market, home, people and beach. I also recommend that you visit MindSnacks online for links to their apps for Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Japanese which are all free. At this stage thisMindSnacks if for iPad only.

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