Coding for Kids: There is something for all year levels in this blog post

According to Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple Inc. ) , “Everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think”. If this is the case, then how do we teach our students? Below I have embedded a great, easy to follow and resource packed video created by Chris Betcher. Underneath I have provided links for iPad, Android and PC/Mac resources which you can use with your class, most of which are free! Thank you to Chris for sharing this wealth of knowledge. Why not take on some of these ideas to re vamp your next year’s ICT program? Please note, Chris shared a tonne of information and resources in this video and it even over loaded me! My recommendation it to watch, take on one or two resources and then take it from there.

iPad Only Apps:
JP: Daisy the Dinosaur FREE
JP: Be Bots FREE
JP: Kodable FREE
Middle Primary: Hopscotch FREE
Middle/Upper Primary: Cargo Bots FREE
Secondary: Codea $10.49

Android Only Apps:
Secondary: App Inventor FREE

Upper Primary/Secondary: Scratch FREE
Secondary: Blockly FREE (basis of android apps)
Secondary: StarLogo FREE
Secondary: Python FREE
Secondary: Ruby FREE

PC Only

Game Salad FREE

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