Australian/UK Complete Kindergarten Sight Words App and Other Apps

Capture“It is important for students to learn sight words in order to help them become fluent readers. Sight words are words students are able to read upon “sight” without having to sound them out. They help facilitate reading comprehension giving students a better opportunity to understand other words in context as they read” (2011, The Importance of Sight Words- a Systematic Approach).

There are many sight words apps however many do not have the correct Australian/UK spelling or pronunciation. This app does and it even uses comic sans font! There are  192 essential sight words which are  broken down into 16 sets of sight words.

Other sight words apps which I like, include:
iPad: Sight Words by Photo Touch (free), Sight Words by Little Speller(free), All Sight Words ($1.99), Eggy 100 HD (free) and Eggy 250 ($0.99).
Android: Dolch Sight Words (free), Sight Words Flash Cards (free), Eggy 100 HD (free)  and Eggy 250 ($0.99).

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