Phonics Vowels and Howie Monster Word iPad Apps

Two of the most frustrating features of finding good spelling apps for Primary teachers is the need for the app to use the comic sans font and for the letters to be sounded phonetically, rather than using capitalization of letters. Below are two great apps that meet these requirements, they are also free but are currently only available for iPad users.
CapturePhonics Vowels is another great app created by AbiTalk. This app is also currently free. This app allows you to create individual user profiles in order to track students’ progress. For free, students can explore the following letter combinations: an, at, ay, a-e, an, ai and ar. Each sound is introduced to students before they are required to drag the letters to complete the correct word.

CaptureHowie Hungry Monster: Build Words (Lite) is another good and free spelling app. This app allows students to explore short vowels, long vowels, bossy r’s, other vowel teams and a challenge level. The app asks students to build words. The feature that I really like about this app is that it groups letters together. For example: z-oo, s-aw and t-erm. However, the downside is that this app does not use the comic sans font. The upgrade version costs $2.99, still very reasonable.

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