Expresso Coding: 18 Free Online Activities

CaptureA few weeks ago I discovered the Expresso Coding website which offers 18 free online lessons in order to support students develop skills in computer coding. I also read that they are offering free access to all 70 of their lessons if you sign up before October 31st, 2014. I contacted the Expresso Coding Team to clarify a few questions I had and they emailed me the information below. Please note, I do not profit financially by blogging any information about companies.

Expresso Coding is a new service from Espresso Education that teaches students to code and make their own apps . The program does cost money but you can currently sign up for free until October 31st , 2014. Your free sign up will give you full access to over 70 lessons and all their supporting materials. Before you decide on signing up you can access 18 lessons online for free ( Please note, the program only currently supports Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and 10 and Safari on iPad.

Just to add a note –
Espresso Coding has been developed for the UK schools market and curriculum and it would be a manual process to get any international schools signed up for Espresso Coding. Currently we would not be able to offer your school any CPD sessions as these have been developed specifically to address the English National Curriculum. The Espresso Coding service is free for an extended period until October 2014, but after this period there will be a charge based on a schools full time enrolment of eligible pupil”.

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