ANZAC Day Resources

Anzac Day is commemorated on 25th April each year. Why is this day important? The resources below might be helpful for classroom use:

Gallipoli the first day by ABC . This is a fantastic resource, don’t miss this one! You can play the landing in 3D.
Women in the war Interactive

VIDEOS with LESSON Guides:
BTN ANZAC DAY: This is a great historical recount for students
BTN Kids ANZAC DAY: This resource is  by BTN
Indigenous ANZACs: This resources is by BTN. I highly recommend this resource!
The meaning of ANZAC DAY by ABC Splash (suitable for Y3 upwards)
The going down of the sun by ABC Splash (suitable for Y2 upwards)
Difficult memories: Reflecting on war (suitable for Y3 upwards)
BTN Kids ANZAC story: This resource is by BTN
Call of duty: ANZACs remember defence of Singapore by ABC Splash  (suitable for Y 10)

The Anzac
Redgum- I was only 19 (1983)
The Last ANZAC
ANZAC Legend Begins – And the Ballad Played Waltzing Matilda

Gallipoli Guide Panorama Gallery
ANZAC Battlefields of WW1 Panorama
Gallipoli: Then and now images

Primary Treasure Chest: ANZAC downloadable resources
From Gallipoli it Dili: The Spirit of Anzac
A is for Anzac (each letter of the alphabet is linked to something to do with ANZAC)
ANZAC biscuit recipe BBC Schools- World War One (thanks to Carolyn Lewis for the additional resource)


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  1. Thanks this is a wonderful resource with lots of variety and I’m sure my year 9’s will love it. Sharyn

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