Using mobile technologies on a shared basis? Interested in helping me with research?

For my PHD I am focusing on the shared use of mobile technologies in primary education. What does this mean? Well, mobile technologies (ie, iPad, tablets, lap tops and smart phones)  are ideal on a 1:1 basis yet many primary schools can not afford this. Therefore I would like to find out if mobile technologies on a shared basis in primary education are working effectively based on teacher’s opinions. I would then like to propose/suggest ideas in order to improve the use of mobile technologies on a shared basis.

If your school currently uses any form of mobile technology using a shared device approach, and you are willing to be part of my research can you please email me. Your commitment would involve your staff completing a pre survey of the use of the shared device. Then, selected schools would be given training in relation to how I think (based on my research and current methodology) the devices could be used (free of charge). My research will involve a comparison of school’s current use compared to my suggested use. If a school is not selected  in the initial stage of the study, at the end of the study they will receive full training if my ideas actually work? In essence, I am comparing current use of mobile technologies in your classroom compared to the implementation of my ideas/strategies/methodologies in the use of mobile technologies.



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