Resources from SchoolstechOZ 2014 IWBNet Conference

The conference finished today and I have just arrived home. Please find additional sessions which I presented below (refer to my previous blog for the other sessions). The key note speakers were great. The themes throughout the conference (as I perceived them) was a strong focus on the need for teachers to consider our current students’ digital world, the need to not only integrate multi-media but use it as an assessment tool, fostering creativity, embracing online connectivity and the need to make learning authentic through sharing/publishing.  In addition, the emphasis with several sessions was in relation to Higher Order Thinking Skills.

This year I have reintroduced De Bonno’s 6 Thinking Hats, Thinker’s Keys and Blooms Revised Digital Taxonomy not only within my programming but as thinking tools for students. We have been focusing on the language associated with the different ways of thinking and it has been an incredible journey. This was also highlighted by one of the speakers, we need to teach students the language in order for them to articulate their stages of learning.

Below is a fantastic video about a boy named Audri Goldberg who designed a Monster Trap. Throughout his learning process he predicts, records and evaluates his learning process.


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