Screencast-O-Matic: Free online screencasting resource

Screencast-O-Matic is a free online resource which allows you to record your on screen movement and your voice, simply by clicking one button. You don’t even have to download any software.¬†Go to the site, click and drag the box to the part of your screen which you would like to record and then click record. Everything you do on your computer will be recorded and if you use your microphone, it will record what you say. Once you have finished recording (15 minute maximum with the free version) you can publish to YouTube or save as a MP4, AVI or FLV movie. Why might you want to do this? It is a quick way to create video tutorials for your students for flipping your classroom. It is also a quick way for your students to create presentations or tutorials to share with peers. It even works when recording Mine Craft. Below is a short video tutorial.

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