Clash of clans strategy game review by Sydney

Clash of Clans is an incredible game because it is a strategy based game. In Clash of Clans you build a clan and defend your Town Hall against others. I think that Clash of Clans is a great game because you have to work out a plan or you will go broke. The good thing about his game is that you will not be broke for long, as you can  purchase a gold mine at the start which supplies you with gold (money). Even if this doesn’t work you can still battle other Goblin cities.

If you like strategy games like strongly recommend Clash of Clans as it is a lot of fun. Clash of Clans is not just strategy based as it also can help with learning. It helps children learn because they need to have enough money to buy things in the game. If they don’t know how much money they have you can always check. Another reason why Clash of Clans is good is because there is a lot of time involved. For example, when you train your army, each different minion takes a different amount of time. When you upgrade the minion take less time.

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