The best Minecraft Youtuber according to Sydney





Sydney is my 10 year old daughter and here is her blog:I think that he is the best You Tuber because he does a range of different Minecraft things including;¬†Bedwars, Money Wars, TNT wars, Parkour, adventure maps, murder mysteries (it is not actually murder), minecraft hide and seek, Vlogs and plenty more! It doesn’t matter is you don’t like Minecraft because you can just listen. When you watch him you go into another world no matter what you like. PrestonPlayz also plays with friends including Woofles, RealKenworth, WallStreet, Pete Za Hut, Vikkstar123 and ¬†JeroemASF.

Adults don’t seem to get why we like watching this so much. They don’t understand that these videos help kids become better at Minecraft. It is a craft after all, isn’t it?

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