Live holographic teleportation? Yes!

Before I get to the live holographic teleportation, which is amazing, I’ll give you a little background information. HoloLens is¬†mixed reality. It allows you to interact with virtual holograms and real objects in your physical world with holographic technology through a headset (the lens straps onto your head and partially covers your eyes). Last year I showed my students the Minecraft HoloLens video by Minecraft Gameplay. They were totally blown away (I didn’t blog it as I was having some time off ūüôā ).

When I was at the Surface Summit in Seattle, I had the opportunity to experience¬†mixed reality through Microsofts’ HoloLens, bringing Mars to Earth project. When I¬†placed the lens on, I¬†¬†needed to fix it to my¬†head by adjusting the straps at the back. Then, looking through the lens I was¬† able to walk around and see the features of Mars. There were other people in the room, I could see them walking and the mixed reality world of Mars at the same time.

I personally liked this better than the full experience of Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is computer¬†technology that uses headsets (covers your entire vision), sometimes in combination with physical spaces or multi-projected environments, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulates a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. Last year when I put on a head set and went to explore a virtual reality¬†of the moon, my legs became shaky, I couldn’t move, it was too real. My students were saying, “Just walk around,¬†Ms Villis, it is so cool”. I took off the headset and replied, “Who would like another turn instead of me?” There were many takers ūüėȬ†, allowing me to grab a paper bag and try to start breathing normally again.

Below is a video of how HoloLens can transform learning. Then underneath, if you have time, watch the TED talk on ‘The dawn of age of holograms’. If you skip the TED¬†video to 11 minutes, you can see a live holographic teleportation. This is awesome!

TED talk:¬†‘The dawn of age of holograms’


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