Free Resources For Teaching Puberty

Many years ago, I was approached by U-Kotex to create Smart Notebook resources for teachers, which were also converted into Power Point resources. OMG. RSI city! I recall working on the documents after school and on weekends, trying to meet deadlines. I used a wrist braise to support my hand when working on my computer but I made it in the end ūüėā. Did I earn much money, no not really. Why did I do it? ¬†Well, I was driven to provide resources for teachers, I wanted teachers to have resources easily accessible to them. Would I do it again? NO!

However, they continue to provide¬†free resources for teachers. You can request a teachers’ resource kit which includes:

  • Teachers kit containing all materials for this unit of study
  • Detailed lesson plan
  • DVD with interactive materials
  • A2 poster detailing changes to the body
  • Parental permission slip
  • menstrual product¬†samples

Teaching puberty is part of the Australian curriculum (Investigate resources and strategies to manage changes and transitions associated with puberty (ACPPS052) ). In order to assess the unit, my colleagues and I came up with two ideas, depending on how much time you have. The first is an assignment where students are asked to create their own sanitary resource pack, and the second is simply a quick student test.

Puberty Assessment 1-2nhwui4

Puberty Assessment 2-1m5n9sr

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