Kahoot unveils a new mobile app and game play options

For those who aren’t familiar with Kahoot, Kahoot is a free game based learning platform which enables users to create their own learning based game within minutes. Previously I’ve  blogged about how I  use Kahoot when teaching Europe in Geography, here is the link.

However, yesterday Richard Byrne, blogged that Kahoot has release a new mobile app, although still in beta. He wrote, ‘The first item to note in the mobile app is that your students will now see the questions and answer choices on the same screen. Previously, your students always had to look at a screen in the front of the room for the question and then look back down at their devices for the answer choices’.

This is awesome, with large classes they do find it hard to see the interactive TV or smartboard at the front of the class. I recommend you read his blog for an update, here is the LINK.

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