Minecraft Design: Real Life Application

In 2015, Linden Park Primary students won the Craft Your Perfect National Park Minecraft competition and it has finally been built!

Craft Your Perfect National Park, was part of the community engagement project for the South Australian State Government’s election commitment to spend $10.4 million on infrastructure upgrades, to encourage people to visit metropolitan parks.  Students were invited to design a national park using Minecraft. You can view the Linden Park student’s winner entry by clicking on this LINK. I’ve met the team of tech savvy students on several occasions at conferences, and they are so enthusiastic and proud of their work.

BTN captured the story and you can view the Morialta Conservation Park (South Australia) playground which was designed using Minecraft by following this LINK. For additional classroom ideas on how to use Minecraft in the classroom, visit Edutopia.



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  1. i could totaly win this i love nationl parks my dad owns one. his name is steve

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