image Fire Boy and Water Girl: Free strategy game

Fire Boy and Water Girl is a fun game for two players or one player. Players need to help  Fire Boy and Water Girl find an exit through multiple puzzling levels. Fire Boy must avoid the water and Water Girl must avoid the hot lava.  Players will need to think ahead and plan their way through each puzzling room in order to get them both safely to the exit. Reading is required to understand the instructions, and there is no inappropriate content or violence. Students can play the game online, or on iPad or Android device for free.

My students love the game and I use it during class time. Why? Well, it requires higher order thinking skills and logic in order to complete levels. Also, if students play with another player on the one device, they are collaborating which requires cooperation, participation, dialog, problem solving, all in real time.

When I played with a student, Water Girl had far more challenging tasks than Fire Boy, who I happened to be, luckily I chose the right character 🙂 . I highly recommend this game for year 4 to year 6 or 7 students.





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