image Enquiring Minds: Bridges to higher education

Enquiring Minds is a website¬†aiming to equip students, their families, school staff and community groups with tools and information so school leavers and others can make informed decisions about their future. “Enquiring Mind series is produced for primary school students and encourages students to develop their interests and hobbies into careers through university study. The television series and website has been developed by the Bridges to Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) and Television Sydney, TVS Digital44″ (source).

When visiting the site, students or classes can select what they are interested in. There are a large variety of interests, some of which include building, vet, dentistry, crime scene, computers, robots, space, gaming through to human rights. After selecting your interest, you can watch the video show, review expert information, download activities and view your suggested education pathway.

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