image Create videos with the Photos app for Windows 10

When you select the Photos App in Windows 10, you can select an image and edit it easily. You can edit if from a simple crop, rotate, filer or enhance. However, you can also draw on your photos by selecting Edit and Draw.





However, the feature which I really like is that you can create a video using your own images, videos and or audio. My daughter, Sydney, yet again discovered this feature and shared it with my class. My students liked this function better than using Movie Maker because it was easier with the drop and drag interface.

Below, my daughter has created a short video tutorial. She doesn’t show how to add narration though. You can do this by recording your own audio and then upload it from ‘your music’ rather than using the recommended music library.

Please note, even though she is young and the tutorial is aimed at a younger audience, you can use this video editing tool in Secondary education as well. I plan on giving my Year 8 students a choice of using Movie Maker, the Windows Photos app or Video Scribe (you can get a 7 day free trial) as a presentation tool for one of their assignments next year.


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