image Ozobots: I’ve just started playing and I’m very impressed

Ozobots are small. They are about the same size as a table tennis (ping pong) ball. So far, I am impressed with them as they blend the physical world with the digital world.

How? Well using Ozobot textas, you can draw code on paper (something in the physical world)  and they respond to the code. Below is an example which I recorded.

They can also connect with the digital world via OzoBlockly which is an online application. I love the fact that you can use any device. Check out the video, this is pretty cool!

I also love the fact that you don’t have to buy batteries to run them. To charge your Ozobot, connect your Ozobot via the charging cord to  cUSB port and when the Ozobot is almost charged it will flash green. When your Ozobot is fully charged (approximately 30 minutes) the light will stop flashing and will turn solid green. So simple!

I’ve booked a class set through the University of Adelaide to borrow and trail with our Year 4 classes. I also bought two through the Education Technology Specialists ( so that I could play with them and train teachers before they receive their class set.

After working with our  Year 4 teachers, I aim to write a program for digital technologies based on the Australian Curriculum using Ozobots. Once I’ve drafted a program I will blog it, the successes and failures. Stay tuned (so to speak) 🙂 .

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