image Makedo for cardboard construction (primary)

Makedo is a cardboard construction tool system that is open ended. It allows you to build imaginative and useful creations using recycled cardboard and other materials.  Using Makedo, students learn by doing, creating, experimenting, failing and maybe succeeding, but that’s not essential.

A few weeks ago I was at a conference as was introduced to Makedo for the first time. At the conference, I spoke to a teacher who is currently using Makedo at her school. She gave Makedo a very positive review saying that it is user friendly and allows students to create their ideas, rather than relying on staplers/sticky tape etc during construction which often don’t work and cause great frustration. She also told me, that to save money, students create using Makedo, their creations are put on display for a while, they take a photo and then creations are pulled apart so that the Makedo can be reused again. Neat idea!

Below is a short video explained what the product is.

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