image Teaching ideas using BBC Micro:bit Go (secondary)

Previously I blogged about the Micro:bit and more recently how I built a milk carton robot and programmed it using the Micro:bit. Part of my new role at school this year is to write and new programs for Y7 to Y9 students, to engage and encourage them to choose Digital Technology subjects. When I played with the BBC Micro:bit Go at the Futures school conference, I saw the potential straight away.

So I’ve been searching the internet for activities and resources and putting them to the test. I have selected activities and placed them in a teaching order which I feel will suit my Year 9 students. Some teachers may feel that the activities I have chosen are too easy but I needed to consider the background of my students. Firstly, when I asked my class what they know about coding, they replied, ‘Oh no, not Scratch again, do we have to?¬†¬†Secondly, they told me that they didn’t get it, they just followed a guide and hoped for the best.

So I have taken them right back to the basics. I have programmed a range of whole class activities, partnered activities and with the option of an individual activity. I have identified class activities so that each student can code with their own Micro:bit, simultaneously as a class. I am also aware that they need the freedom to work at their own pace, hence partner of individual activities.

I also wanted the activities to be game orientated, practical and hands on. I hope you like my selection of activiites, I am open to constructive criticism either way.

Resources/links which were used in the video:

Features of microbit-pmhz54
Micro bit thermometer-1tu4f25






Micro:bit fit bit VIDEO LINK

Soccer game LINK

Basketball game LINK



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