image Gaming: Fostering Creators of Gaming though Scratch (Year 5-7)

Previously I’ve blogged about how I’ve used Scratch to teach game design (LINK). Since this 2017 post, I now use the updated offline version of Scratch which has the same blocks and functions as the online version, neat. Once they have completed their games they can upload them to their class studio if a teacher sets it up for them. The offline version can be downloaded for free by following this LINK.

Do you remember the original Space Invaders Game?

I grew up on a farm and we didn’t have much money . I remember going to a neighbours farm who were better off than us, the adults would play cards and we go to play on their Nitendo 64 (I think this is what it was) ! My favourite game to play was Frogger, the game where you need to get the frog to jump across the logs and get the other side. Similar to Crossy Roads now days I guess.

Well back then, not only did I not only have access to play the game regularly, I never considered creating a game myself. I never even thought of it. Well today’s generation are different and I am excited to be a teacher .  We can encourage them to not only be consumers of gaming, but creators of gaming though a range of free tools which are easily accessibly.

Below are some example of the games my Year 5 (9-11 year old girls) programmed. There are a few glitches in some of their games, but overall impressive! They loved sharing their games online through our class studio, this enabled them to not only publish their game but to play each others games. And note, they used royalty free music for their projects 🙂

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