Painting with your feet (all)

Today I arrived at school to discover that the internet was down. A colleague popped her head into my class room and asked, “So what are you going to do this morning?” Thinking off the top of my head, I replied, “We are going to paint with our feet”. I saw an example of this on Pinterest over the weekend, so I thought today was a perfect opportunity to give it a go.

‘Foot painting is a technique to create drawings, paintings and other works of art by manoeuvring brushes and other tools with the foot. It can be done sitting on the floor, at a table or at an easel, as most foot painters use their toes with the same dexterity as people with hands use their fingers. The technique is mostly used by artists who through illness, accident or congenital disability have no use of their hands’(source).

My year 5 students loved the activity so I decided to repeat the activity with my Year 7 Digital Technology class as we are ahead with our program, irrelevant to the fact that the internet was then back up and working. I gave them basic instructions and then let them set up, thinking, they’d know what to do. However, when I turned around they had started painting with actual feet, and were then wiping their feet on their sheet of paper – LOL. I had to stop them and explain that they needed to use a  paintbrush between their toes. They replied with, ‘Oh, we were wondering why you asked us to paint our feet!”

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