Digital Citizenship through Picture Books (primary)

Previously, I wrote a blog post on ‘STEM through literacy for Junior Primary‘ in which I encouraged teachers to use the language of STEM when reading picture books to students. This morning, I came across a great blog post written by Eleni Kyritis (which was based on Matt Miller’s Ditch That Textbook blog) called, ‘Teaching Digital Citizenship with Picture Story Books‘.

It is a great blog post to read as it discusses how the following picture books can be used to support teachers teach students, about some key concepts of Digital Citizenship:

  • The Fabulous Friend Machine by Nick Bland (educates students not to talk to strangers online)
  • The Tweeting Galah by Kim Maslin (educates students about sharing photos and videos online)
  • The Internet is Like a Puddle by Shona Innes and Irisz Agocs (educate students to be cautious online and seek adult help if unsure)
  • When Charlie McButton Lost Power by Suzanne Collins (educates students that there is much more to life than playing games online PDF LINK
  • Once Upon a Time Online by David Bedford (educated students to seek permission from an adult before interacting online)
  • Chicken Clicking by Jeanne Willis (educates students about online shopping and sharing photos)
  • But It’s Just a Game by Julia Cook (educates students to find a balance between online gaming and real life activities)
  • The Technology by Julia Cook (educates students to act positively online)

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